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Camp & Resort


A unique experience establishment in the lap of nature.The sophisticated swiss cottages blend in perfectly with the surroundings forest,giving the appearance of fairy tale resort.



B54 palamLegend

Ondipur Trichy Road



Absolutely wonderful experience.The ambience,hospitality and support of the team at this venue surpassed our expectation.


Ms Gunmeet Bindra

Principal Welham Boys'School


A great place for camping and activities.Thanks for hospitality.Will come again soon


Anez Katra

The Doon School


It was very good to be here.The food was  very good. The hospitality was warm. Every thing was managed. Will love to come again.


Wyneberg Allen School


Exceptionally well arranged and scenic place. What we thought of camping life it turned much beyond expectation. Food is delicious and service good.


Air Vice Marshal

S.S Dhillon


A unique concept of hospitality and a unique eco system. Wonderful blend of modern amenities.


Ashok Jambur


Indian Oil

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